About WM

women-4We Believe that…

Women Need Women


Our PURPOSE is to equip and encourage the women to:

  • Follow Jesus fully by living out the greatest commandments: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” There is no commandment greater than these.

Our GOAL is to encourage the women of Country Oaks Baptist Church to be ALL about Jesus. Together we will:

  • A – Adore – Adore Jesus through worship in song, study, prayer and fellowship at Women’s Ministry Bible Studies and other events.
  • L – Learn – Study God’s Word and fellowship together on a regular basis ( weekly Bible studies) so that we can become more like Christ.  We will also coordinate special events and outside activities for further spiritual growth (yearly retreats)
  • L – Love – We will provide opportunities for women to develop their spiritual gifts by serving in women’s ministry and encourage women to exercise their spiritual gifts on behalf of their home, church and community. We will encourage women to love other women and reach out to the ladies of our church and our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ by inviting them to our church and women’s events.

Our OBJECTIVE is to:

Present every woman mature in Christ. For this we toil, struggling with all Christ’s energy that He powerfully works within us. We want to make the Word of God fully known to the women so not one of them will be deluded by plausible/persuasive/enticing words leading them into error. We want women to stand mature and fully assured in all the will of God.  (from Colossians 1).   

Bible Studies

  • We offer Friday Morning Bible Study at 9:30am in the chapel. Childcare is available.
  • We are offering a Tuesday evening study of the Women of the Bible at 6pm.

Special Events

  • We go on an annual beach retreat in October to a large beach house just north of Ventura.
  • Our Women’s Ministry Team meets with other Women’s Ministry Teams from Tehachapi churches and hosts the Tehachapi Christian Women’s conferences. Angi Wiggins is our TCW representative.

Currently serving in Women’s Ministry are:

  • Coordinator: Pat See
  • Assistant Coordinator/Summer Session: Linda Clements
  • Fellowship/Special Events: Kathy Nobles
  • Compassion/Sunshine/Prayer: Dana Hutson
  • Closet Coordinator/Set Up Coordinator: Debbie Muell
  • New Member: Leslie Whiteside
  • Childcare Coordinator: Trudy Brawner
  • Worship Coordinator: Trudy Brawner
    • Worship Leader, Kathy Kelly – assisted by Glynis Campbell & Olivia Simko
  • Table Leader Coordinator: Pat See
  • Table Leaders:
    • Nancy Bourcier/Elma Johnson
    • Wendy Dearing/Becky Ezmirly
    • Linda Clements/Sandy Davis
    • Jamie Cookson/Glynis Campbell
    • Pat See/Jennifer Whitney
    • Trudy Brawner/Cydney Haynes

Country Oaks Baptist Church is located at 20915 Schout Road, Tehachapi, CA  93561


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