Moms in Prayer – Tehachapi

MIP Prayer

Tehachapi Moms in Prayer Groups

Experience the joy of replacing anxiety with peace and hope when you join with other moms in praying for your kids

Golden Hills Elementary School
Sarah Ohmit/Jennifer Sterk 823-4373
Thursdays at 9:15am
Country Oaks Baptist Church

Cummings Valley Elementary
Tasha McJunkin
821-1510 h/909-553-5678 c
Mondays 9:30am
Bear Valley Church

Heritage Oak School
Jennifer Whitney
Fridays at 2:15pm
Country Oaks Baptist

Jacobsen Middle School
Joanne Moss
821-0720 h/ 951-552-4347 c
Thursdays 10am
Tehachapi Mountain Vineyard

Monroe High School
Gloria Jones
Wednesdays 10am
Mountainaire Estates Home

Tehachapi High School
Maggie Morgan
Wednesdays 1:00pm
Nazarene Church

Julie Myers
821-0813 w
Wednesdays 8:30am
Bear Valley Church

Home School
Jennifer Whitney & Sharon Jarvis
Fridays 3:30pm
Sovereign Grace Church

Need Facilitators for:

  • Charter Schools – Abernathy
  • Tompkins Elementary

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