Outside Opportunities

Get Involved in MOPS

Submitted by Jamie Cookson

Our Tehachapi MOPS group has had a HUGE success in seeing more and more young ladies coming to MOPS this year! We rejoice in this greatly as some women don’t feel comfortable attending church, but they do feel comfortable attending MOPS (and then, more often than not, they end up wanting to attend Church as well!) — it is a wonderful tool that God uses to bring moms in need to Him.

That being said, we are starting to reach our “capacity” in that we might have to turn away moms if we don’t find 2-3 volunteers to help watch our precious little ones during the program. There is an opening in the:

  • nursery if you want to cuddle little babies
  • – 2-3yr old room 
  • “floater” who is willing to help out where ever is most needed that day!

We meet ONCE a month, the first Tuesday of the month, from 8:45-11:15 and there are already “leads” in each room, so you would just show up and help watch the precious little ones while their mommas get some encouragement during this busy time of life.

If you are interested we do require that ALL volunteers be background checked and I have the paper work available to get that done ASAP (no charge).

Phew! Lots of info! Recap: If you want to help volunteer 1x a month to help minister to some young mamas please let me know!!!! (Contact angi@countryoaks.org and I’ll pass the info along to Jamie!)




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