Fellowship Events

Seaside Escape – August 27, 2011

Our Fall Kickoffs are always a lot of fun. We get to slow down and enjoy fellowship with other women – this year’s theme “Be Still and Know that I am God.”  We also enjoy great music, some Bible study, games, crafts, a quiet time and wonderful food (this year yummy shish kebabs from Don Juan’s).  This Sunday, August 21, is the last Sunday to sign up.  I hope you will join in the fun and get to know some other women in a relaxed atmosphere.  The cost is only $25 – if this is a problem, please give Angi a call at 822-1379.  We have scholarships available.

Seaside Escape is the Women’s Ministry’s Fall Kickoff and 1 Day Retreat for 2011.  Seaside Escape is where women take time to grow in their faith…build friendships with other women…and bask in the sunshine of God’s love….

Seaside Escape will be Saturday, August 27, 2011 from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm in the COBC chapel – Lunch from Don Juan’s will be served

Cost is only $25 (Scholarships available) –  No childcare is available

About Seaside Escape:  Get away without leaving town.  As refreshing as a day at the beach… SeaSide Escape uses beach images to recharge you spiritually and relationally. Through sessions of Bible study, reflection, and discussion, you will discover the depth of God’s love, strength, and compassion. Each session uses an item you’d find at the beach to make that connection metaphorically…

Session 1: Beach Bag We usually pack our bags full of the things we need for a day at the beach. In this session, your guests begin to consider the “baggage” they carry every day. They also spend time in worship and exploring the life of Sarai in Genesis—a woman with her own baggage.

Session 2: Sunshine Friends are the sunshine of our lives, and in this session we use the warmth of sunshine to remind us of the warmth of friendship. Women do a fun activity that allows them to meet and get to know each other better.

Session 3: Sand In this session, women experiment with sand and discover just how impossible it is to control this grainysubstance. They also discover how Sarai tried to control her life and how this relates to our lives today.

Session 4: Waves Stillness and reflection lead to a closer relationship with God. Session 4 guides women to a time of quiet, meaningful prayer and contemplation. At the end of this time, participants receive a tangible reminder of Psalm 46:10.

Session 5: Pearl  Just as God changes a grain of sand into a pearl, God works in us, who are more precious than any pearl. In this session, we explore how God changed Sarai’s name to Sarah and the changes God is making in our own lives.

Session 6: Starfish God heals us when we are hurt or damaged, just as he has made the starfish able to heal and regrow. We take a look at Hagar, a woman who had difficult experiences. Then women move into a time of service where they lovingly and prayerfully create gifts for other women in need of healing.

Session 7: Message in a Bottle All the elements come together in a beautiful keepsake created with celebration and prayer. Women learn the legacy of Sarah’s life. They consider their own legacy and write this as a prayer.

What could be more soothing and calming to your soul than a day at the seashore? How about a day that’s spent making new friends, reconnecting with old, and studying and reflecting on God’s Word?

If you would like to help with the kickoff, please contact Angi at angi@countryoaks.org.


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