Bible Studies

How to Study the Bible

The first four Women’s Ministry “How to Study the Bible” messages are now online.  On Wednesday, February 16, Jody Irwin will be sharing the Biographical Method of Bible Study.  On Friday, February 18, Bible Study will NOT MEET due to the public school holiday.

We’ll be going through the book of Colossians using the following Bible Study Methods: Devotional, Book Survey, Character Quality, Thematic, Biographical, Topical, Word Study, Book Background, Verse by Verse and the Precepts Method.  By the time you finish this study, you will be familiar with some new ways to study the Bible and you will have read through the whole book of Colossians 10 times, looking for something new each time as you try the different methods.

Your Teachers will be:  Pat See, Angi Wiggins, Kim Maxwell, Sandra Dodson, Susie Cowan, Jody Irwin, Amy Walker

There will not be a workbook or text with this study.  Each teacher will be providing her own notes and teaching you each method in a hands-on style.  We will provided a binder for you to keep your notes in.  You may find Rick Warren’s Bible Study Methods and Kay Arthur’s New How to Study the Bible helpful.

Sign up on Sundays at the table in front or drop by the church office.  Notebooks are $5.


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