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Our Red Book – How it’s tough being a woman

Our Esther Study challenged us to answer the question “How it’s Tough Being a Woman?”  Here’s the results of our Survey of COBC Women. These results are now kept in our very own Red Book.  My personal favorite was:  “Being Older and Being Expected to Be Wiser.”  !

  1. 53 votes – Expectations –  Responsibilities, SuperWoman syndrome, Being it all, Doing it all, multi-tasking, the many “hats” a woman wears, meeting everyone’s needs, not enough of you to go around, not enough hours in the day, stress and worry over responsibilities, being the core/focal point of my family, living up to the Proverbs 31 woman, having to be the one to remember everything
  2. 39 votes – Hormones/Emotions – Menopause, PMS, Being emotional, emotional wounds, men not understanding
  3. 31 votes – Being a Good Wife/Mother/Caring for Family  (wife and mother were almost always coupled together) being a good mom or grandma, childraising, parenting, setting a good example, being a role model, being supportive, respecting husband, being a helpmeet
  4. 20 votes – Peer Pressure – keeping up with the fashions, it takes so long to get ready to go anywhere, comparing self to other women, being judged on how your house looks, cultural restrictions, equality issues, not conforming to the world, dealing with feminist ideology, having a biblical view of women, unique implications from the Fall
  5. 17 votes – Priorities – Scheduling, juggling everything, staying productive, finding a role, balancing work/home &  job/family, setting boundaries, decision making.
  6. 17 votes – Being Submissive – Finding the balance between dependent and independent, dealing with a selfish man, husband not acting as spiritual head, having to be both the man and woman of the family
  7. 15 votes – Work Issues – Working outside the home, doing the same work as a man and getting paid less, working in a man’s world, trying to prove yourself, not being taken seriously, no work experience, contributing financially to my home, being a working mom, balancing career and motherhood, being godly at my workplace
  8. 14 votes – Your Body Image – Aging, trying to stay healthy and fit, trying to lose weight
  9. 10 votes – Attitude – Being expected to always manifest a great attitude: joyful, smiling, patience, meekness, quiet spirit, encouraging, sensitive, other oriented, being “up” all the time even when you don’t feel like it.
  10. 10 votes – Feeling Weak – not being strong enough (emotionally, physically) no energy, having to be the strong one in the family
  11. 10 votes – Spiritual Issues – Finding Time to Spend with the Lord  in Bible Studyor Prayer, simply thinking about God, trusting God
  12. 9 votes – Relationships Family disagreements, being a mother-in-law, grandkids kept from you, being what I need to be parent/friend, hard to make friends with women, women being competitive with each other instead of supportive, making friends with women is difficult
  13. 7 votes – Cooking and Housework – “being expected to be good at cleaning and cooking, I’m not!”, ironing ,laundry, constant work that always has to be done
  14. 6 votes – Adult Children – problems with them or simply adjusting to your changing relationship with your children.
  15. 6 votes – Childbirth – men will never understand the pain
  16. 4 votes – Respect – not getting praised or thanked for what you do, taken for granted
  17. 4 votes – Not being able to take any time out for yourself
  18. 4 votes – Control – Always wanting to be in control, wanting to control husband
  19. 4 votes – Keeping my mouth shut – gossip, idle talk, knowing when to encourage/exhort and when to be silent
  20. 3 votes – Discrimination – Derogatory comments from men, women being viewed as not as valuable as men, being marginalized
  21. 3 votes – Being a widow or divorced – raising children alone, taking care of everything without a man around, being dependent on friends
  22. 2 votes – Loneliness
  23. 2 votes – Not enough sleep
  24. 1 vote – Going to School
  25. 1 vote – Safety Concerns

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