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Kay Arthur’s Precept Training Workshop in Tehachapi

What an opportunity! Kay Arthur’s Precept Training will come to Tehachapi, CA, this fall.

When: October 8-9, 2010
Where: First Baptist Church – 1049 S. Curry St. – Tehachapi, CA 93561
Contact for more information: Wendy Clare
Phone: 661.823.8557

Register by Monday, September 13, 2010 to receive a 25% discount. Use the following coupon code TEHACHAPI when you checkout. You can register online at Precepts.  The following is a list of your workshop choices.

How to Study Old Testament History & Prophecy – (1 Day) – Friday, 10/8/2010  
Word Studies – (1 Day) – Friday, 10/8/2010    
Basics of Precept Upon Precept – (1 Day) – Saturday, 10/9/2010  
How to Study New Testament Letters – (1 Day) – Saturday, 10/9/2010    
Precept Leader Training – (1 Day) – Saturday, 10/9/2010  

Discovering God’s truths for yourself is a life-changing experience. If you long to know God and yearn for a deep and abiding relationship with Him, attend a Precept Ministries International Training Workshop and learn how to interact with God’s Word personally, absorb its meaning and let God engrave His truth on your heart, mind and life through using the age old method of Inductive Bible Study – Learn to see truth for yourself, discern what it means, and apply that truth to your life.


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