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Wonder Full World One Day Retreat

September 11, 2010. That’s the date of the next Women’s Ministry Event:  The Wonder Full World One Day Retreat and Kickoff – Where Women Explore God’s Love and Wonder on seven continents and experience new friendships, in-depth Bible study, and unforgettable worship.

During Wonder Full World, women will “travel” to each of the seven continents where they’ll explore the wonders of a woman’s heart such as “I wonder if I matter to God,” or “I wonder where God is when life is hard.” Most sessions include worship and Bible study, and all sessions also allow time for laughter with new friends or personal time with God.

Through the sessions of study and reflection, women will discover the depth of God’s love, strength, and compassion. The theme verse for the retreat is John 3:16-but this is just the starting point for all the Scriptures that guide women to understanding more of God’s heart for them.

Session 1: Australia
Women explore Mark 5 and meet the woman who had suffered with bleeding and reached out to Jesus for healing as they consider their own need for connections and care.

Session 2: Europe
We’ll talk about royalty and being a child of the King with a focus on our King of Kings:  Jesus Christ.

Session 3: Asia
Women discover just how immense God’s love for them is through a time of Bible study and discussion.

Session 4: Antarctica
As they move through prayer stations, women take time alone with God to reflect and pray, focusing on God’s presence with us in difficult times.

Session 5: South America
Women return to the Scriptures and again consider the miracle Jesus performed in the life of the woman with the bleeding, and realize what it means to fully rely on God.

Session 6: Africa
Here’s the opportunity to put love in action right away! Through a simple service project women complete together, they see how easy it is for even one woman to make a difference.

Session 7: North America
It’s time to wrap up the journey and consider what’s ahead and how God will use what’s happened in this retreat in the days that come.


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