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Planning for next year…

We are currently searching and praying about what to study next year at Bible Study.  I looked on and found over 450 women’s study guides so the choices are endless.  Let us know what you’d like to see this summer, fall and in 2011.  More Beth Moore? (Esther, Breaking Free)?  A book of the Bible – which one?  Crazy Love?  How to Study the Bible?  The Excellent Wife?  Comment and let me know.  Thanks!


1 thought on “Planning for next year…”

  1. Angi, I’m currently going through Beth Moore’s “The Patriarch’s” and am absolutely floored by how good it is and how much I’m learning. I would love to do Esther or Breaking Free, but have also gone through one of her studies twice before (the fruit of the Spirit) which was truly valuable because, of course, I wasn’t always able to get the homework done, so going back through it was very rewarding. Don’t know if that helps, but it’s what I’m enjoying right now!

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